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What is Bulk
SMS Marketing

Sending an SMS message to large groups of recipients at once. SMS messages are purchased in bulk, hence the term, and are considerably cheaper than regular SMS from your phone. In addition Bulk SMS is a considerably cheaper method of mass communication than regular mail, and much more efficient than e-mail marketing. Our SMS Platform Bulk SMS module offers top Quality of Service, combined with a wide range of features necessary for the smooth running of your customers' bulk SMS campaigns. No software installation is required by your customers - our Bulk SMS module will be available through the SMS Platform web-based administration tool.
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Branded sms

SMS are deliverd from your brand name instead of any unknown number

You can send Online Bulk SMS in your Brand Name of your company/product to all mobile numbers in whole Pakistan and build your Brand Name to increase Brand Reputation in the relevant Industry and also create reader trust towards content of branded SMS.

Branded SMS generally best solution for commercial or non-commercial organizations and educational institutes where speed and reliability of the content really matters. The response rate of this kind SMS is much better than sms sent by any ordinary mobile number.
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Insurance a home
or appartment

Now a days, your all customers have a mobile phone and they read almost all SMS messages sent to their mobile phone. Which shows the importance of sms marketing & vital role of mobile media in business. SMS provides several advantages over other forms of communication. Research has shown that SMS has the capacity to access instantaneously a large number of people with mobile connectivity. Mobile users also show a high probability of reading SMS messages.
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Market Makers SMS Sender 2016 Features

Bulk SMS icon

Bulk SMS

At the heart of a SMS marketing campaign is the ability to send SMS messages in bulk to your subscribers. Send to a group or groups at once!
Target The Market

Target The Market

Marketing is said to be the soul of any business as it is not luxury but a necessity, and we understand it totally, so we let our customers to grow their markets through SMS marketing across the country.
Numbers update free

Free Numbers update

Numbers update are absolutely free for Life. Its Mean You are the first to get new numers. We have experts data collection team. So Target new Numbers and get new Customers
Add your Customers Numbers

Add your Customers Numbers

Manage and import your contacts, collect a directory of personal and professional contacts and engage your audience for sales and Build a relation with your customers.

Contact Management

Easily manage contacts.Import mobile phone numbers from CSV files, Text File and save time. Add their name, number, adress businessm website or any thing you want to mange
Groups Management

Groups Management

You can Add, or delete groups, Edit group details and/or members. Split large groups into smaller sub groups. also can Import a database using the import wizard.

Intelligent Text Marketing & Customer Service

List Creator

A customer sees the keyword and texts it to subscribe to the mobile opt-in list. The customer receives a confirmation message which he replies with Y to successfully subscribe to the List and receive messages.

List Broadcast

Type a text message and send spontaneously or schedule broadcast timings. Messages can be sent to every one on the List or selected members on the list from your onSMS account.


Customers sees the poll question on the website, newspaper, television or other mediums and send a text message to enter the poll. The results for polling response can be seen in the onSMS account.

Text for Document

Upload a brochure from your onSMS account and attach a Text for Document keyword to the document. Customer texts the Text for Document keyword with email address to get the document to his email account.